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Hey, my name’s Kelly and this is my site – Big League Depot. I’m here to bring you all things sports related for your man cave, or the sports lover in your life. Whether you’re a football, baseball, hockey, or basketball fan, there’s something for you in every price range.

Kelly, Big League Depot
Kelly, Big League Depot

I love all sports, but my favorite is hockey. I played soccer and baseball growing up which was great. I made some lifelong friends and have great memories of being on teams. I think every kid should play team sports. It teaches them respect, how to be a better person, discipline, focus, and of course gets them exercising and away from their phone. 😉

I was a late bloomer when it came to hockey and didn’t start playing until after high school. I picked it up pretty easily though and I was hooked. I joined a men’s beer league and have made some really good friends there too.

A few years back, I got divorced which was a rough time in my life. I didn’t really take it all that well, and started eating and drinking way too much. I put on some weight that I’m not proud of, but thankfully my teammates started to notice I just wasn’t in a good place. They took me aside one night after the game and had a heart to heart and let me know they were there for me. I started going to the gym with one of my teammates who’s a firefighter and in really good shape. I started lifting weights and seeing the pounds fall off. I was back to my old self on the ice again too! I had more strength, and really worked hard to improve my skating. I was getting my confidence back. I can honestly say hockey saved me! Hockey friends are friends for life.

I even met the new love of my life at a hockey fundraiser our team was putting on to raise money for our upcoming season. It was a pub night, and I was feeling great. The old me was back. My teammate Ron, introduced me to this beautiful lady who was there with her friends. Turns out she played hockey too! We got talking and it turned out we had lots in common. We went ice skating and for burgers on our first date and the rest is history. She’s now my fiance and we plan to get married next year! She is super supportive and comes out to cheer me on at my games, and I go cheer her on at her games too.

We built a sports room in our basement with a pool table, a few TVs to watch the games, and even a bar. It’s a total hangout with tons of sports memorabilia on the walls. We love hosting get-togethers down there and our friends all love it because it’s like an old school sports pub, except the beer is cheaper! We have autographed pictures, pucks, footballs, jerseys, and neon signs on the wall.

I hope you can find some fun sports memorabilia and make the sports cave of your dreams too!

Thanks for stopping by, Kelly